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Topline Toilets are just that, top-of-the-line

What makes us different?
Why hire portaloos when you can utilise Topline Toilets – portable toilets without compromise. They are designed so events can provide a premium quality product which adds to the overall customer experience.

Topline Toilet Hire features include:

  • Each unit is highly maintained and immaculately presented
  • We provide a nationwide service
  • You’re dealing direct with the owner

How long does it take to set up?

Each Topline Toliet Trailer can be ready for public use in 4-7 minutes.

What about water and waste?
Each Topline Toilet unit is completely self-contained. We have our own water supply, so we don’t have to hook up an external resource, plus the waste is contained in specially sealed tanks that keep nasty odours from escaping. If your event runs for more than one day, we’ll top up the water,  remove the waste and clean the facilities, so the unit is as fresh and clean as it was when it arrived.

Who maintains the unit during the event?
We’ll have a dedicated staff member on the spot from the moment we arrive till the moment we leave. They’ll ensure our exceptional standards are being met at all times.

Plant Hire
Plant hire can be arranged as an optional extra