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problem solving gifts it beneficial or harmful for wild animals to have interactions with people. These displays have been very helpful in developing the ranking system. Can you develop a testable hypothesis.

Can you develop a testable how to write essay How are clouds formed. Red colored plastic red LEDs are hard to see lighting up in daylight. Can you develop a testable hypothesis. They see their opportunity with the JWT, that it will discover that the vaunted Primordial Gas Cloud is not what they have assumed it to be, the edge of the universe. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned it but: Since we can visibly see objects losing heat energy faster than it can be gained, wouldn’t that still mean that at some point a massive amount of energy had to be inserted into the universe?

I know people love looking into the past for the answers about our now, but in this case I think pondering about the future would be more helpful. What happens after all the energy in the universe is back at 0? Does this paper even comment on entropy at how to start off a research paper for science fair It is truly miraculous how God used how to start off a research paper for science fair a finite amount of time to create a past infinite universe. So this model is compatible with our interpretation of red shift SR’s reciprocal time dilation makes it unnecessary to correct red shift for any time dilation effects.

It will not be compatible with our interpretation of red shift if we use directional time dilation from Lorentz’s Absolute Transformation.

In that case all of our cosmological measurements will require significant corrections. I think it’s about time we nailed down whether reciprocal time dilation is in fact operant over cosmological distances. Or any distances, for that matter. Thus my son takes forever to do his homework experiments demonstrate that time dilation is real; but except for GPS, they don’t tease out the difference how to start off a research paper for science fair reciprocal time dilation and directional time dilation.

And for GPS, directional time dilation is the only solution that yields accurate geopositions. Matter keeps on transforming and trans-mutating from “one form” to another.

It never did occur to me that there was a beginning to our universe. It seemed obvious that after a certain amount of time less then billion years that gravity would pull together enough mass to create a big bang, probably happening many times. I said less then billion years because protons can only last that long. I have not done the math for what happens to properties without the ‘drag’ factor. Glad to see the demise of Big Bang an irrational hypothetical construct without scientific rationale since the mass at this event would have to be infinitely large to account for the cosmic debris, aka galaxies and who would push the button?

Far more rational is relying on supernatural explanations such as formation from void or nothingness at infinity past, not natural scientific explanations that fail to explain humanly unknowable pre Bang events. But a being that lives outside of our reality, who creates our reality, seems more feasible to me than matter creating itself from nothing. There has to be some intelligence there to “think” fast proofreading into existence.

Matter has no intellect – it simply is. When something IS created, it’s done in a lab, by intelligent beings – US. And even then, it’s only a rearranging of atoms that already existed in another form. Since time began with the Big Bang, the concept of ‘before the Big Bang’ is nonsense.

There was no ‘before’; you can’t have a series without time. Therefore, you can only have events happening post-bang. It’s about at this point that my head explodes from trying to wrap my brain around the article. Science needs another English tense.

I’ve been saying this for years.

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I have the rest figured out too, just waiting for everyone to catch up to me “Using the quantum-corrected Raychaudhuri equation” Ah, creative writing bachelor’s degree jobs much improved idea of cosmic inflation.

Einstein’s equations work well for the present, future and the past, but only back to the point where extreme conditions cannot be explained by relativity, and thus require quantum interpretation.

Match Rocket

The possible complexity of the quantum concept of inflation also includes the premise of a multiverse, and the probability of infinite extensions into both past and future. Current cosmological discussions don’t even mention a singularity.

Proves it’s real to me Just means it’s always been there, tickin’ away God created things in such a way that only those who truly seek him WILL find him, so we can believe whatever we want to believe – it’s called free will.

Everything IN the universe was created by it, not something outside of it Human’s will believe almost anything to not believe that we are being simulated Big Bang cosmology is incomplete. General relativity is an approximation of space and time — singularities described by GR should not be part of a valid model of the universe.

Believe what you will, quantum gravity or an act of God, but the BB model as it exists must be how to start off a research paper for science fair. All answers in BTW, the world isn’t flat and the earth revolves around the sun too. Phil our posts have crossed in etherland- hannibal barca thesis of being very basic I suspect that most other posters here are too.

So we look around us and everything we see begins, grows then dies. When 2 items crash into each other something else begins. We see change all around us and that’s where the problem is. We infer that everything has a beginning and an end or at least changes something else. Even at the Q level we collide ‘particles’ to produce other states.

The Atomic Bomb Considered As Hungarian High School Science Fair Project

That, of course, doesn’t make it right. I view the BB as state that produced by another immediate prior state which had probable result states so that in a how to start off a research paper for science fair way both types theory can be correct which is not that different to what Losik posted about BB not completely wrong Perhaps a complex form of Markov Chain?

Too simplistic I guess! Always has been, in some form or another. Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town Waiting for someone or how to start off a research paper for science fair to show you the cover letter for judicial assistant The whole question is a response to the inherent contradiction in theist argument” Asking the question “who made God” actually seems to miss the theist argument from first cause.

Theists in this are arguing that everything within the universe seems to follow this pattern of causes where nothing arises from nothing. So there would seem to be something outside of the universe, and so outside the laws of the universe, that could cover letter for customer service teller on it as a first cause. A thing outside the universe and its laws that can act on it are attributes of what people have always called God.

To move from this to a Christian god is something else, but that isn’t what this argument was designed to do. So, the question “then who made god” seems to miss the point that it is claiming something has to exist outside the laws that govern the universe – like the law maker. Wow, so many crackpot arugments here.

But I just want to understand what on earth is being proposed here. Are they saying that there was just no singularity or are they saying the whole picture of the Universe expanding from hot, dense matter is wrong as if it expanded from a very hot, dense state, that is still a lot like a “Big Bang” even if there is no singularity?

As for the theist worldview it doesn’t really matter: Ancients’ views Journal of CosmologyVol 9, He argued that the universe as a whole was ungenerated as well as indestructible. Here’s a video- Now, take that and imagine it with even just a thousand more variable strings. What do you get?

An approximation of how our Universe might look from the outside And as far as the “something from nothing” dogmatics – why not “nothing from something”? It’s what we all seem to be chasing While dissertation sur la banque centrale does not. a contradition in terms – and by extension “existence” is a tautology.

Nothing is like “zero” – it’s an abstract. Whereas “something” is not an abstract. So linking these two causally makes very little sense to me In effect this means that there is no alternative state to “something” existing what the “something” manifests as is an entirely different problem No beginning and no end, back to the steady state model, but then how to explain the light from most everything in the universe being red shifted?

They’ve revived the aether theory again without telling us? Looks like new ways of retelling some of the oldest theories of the universe. Quite funny comapring to 13th century St. Thomas Acquinas on the beginning of the Universe. He also considered that a better theory could replace the noble of “Saint”Ptolomeus system with the Earth as the centre ; 20th cent.

Eisntein finally comprised all: It seems “scientists” are at playground now And as far as the “something from nothing” dogmatics – why not “nothing from something”?

In other words, you can’t fill a room with nothing. And please mop up any vacuum leaks you find on the laboratory floor. This is a good question. The probability that this theory,whether true or false, is how to start off a research paper for science fair to humanity’s evolution is vanishingly small. Vacuum leaks are a choking hazard. Read this and don’t choke while laughing. I don’t know if it’s true, but it sounds like it might be.

If how to write a good sociology essay aqa goes through ‘bang-crunch’-cycles then during the crunch stuff gets compressed into quark gluon plasma or even further down if there is a ‘further down’ About the origin of dark matter please see: Age is an expression of time.

Is time a result of such expansion, or an intrinsic part of what being a being in the universe entails? First define the idea of the word “time” beyond a mere measurement of duration. How old is the universe? Treat “time” as a dimension and plot events in 4-d.

This is the only sensible way to think about things over such huge distances and times. I mean, what with all the gravity wells Black holes, neutron stars, supernovas, etc. Of all the thousands of gods worshiped over the centuries by many different cultures across the globe, which god exactly is it you are referring to? Very interested in your commentary how to start off a research paper for science fair. You’re making a lot of hay out of the “Pioneer Anomaly”, but FEA of the spacecrafts’ expected thermal emissions produced anisitropic radiation pressure and tracks that how to start off a research paper for science fair up exactly with their actual trajectories see http: So there isn’t really any anomaly left to claim, and the blueshift you describe from the Pioneer maser is fully explained without resort to new physics.

Does this falsify your idea, or just put it back into the category of “we’ll see”? There is another theory which states that this has already happened. However, Christians already knew this. We just did not know how to mathematically figure it out. It may take an infinite amount of time to decide whether the universe has been around forever or not. Statistically speaking this theory needs to jump through some major hoops. If the universe had no beginning it has no end.

The odds of us being on the time line where we would see signs of either end to the universe are infinitely small. We see light from over 10 billion years ago and the universe looks different. We are not in a universe that has existed infinitely long or will exist infinitely long.

The odds are infinitely huge that if we were in an infinite universe we would be near the middle of the time line and infinitely far from either the past or the future.

There are no points or infinities, and nothing is continuous in Physics, these are concepts in Math. Everything in Physics is discrete including time. Thus any theories that assume any different conditions must be wrong from the very start. Many wish to play smart all the time pretend they know better when all they merely buy are this same bogus ideas, feasts on theories made up by people that “thought” the universe must have started this way or that holding no absolute knowledge of the past, but claims that their understanding is factual or true.

Bla bla this, bla bla that. Tomorrow another theory comes out to debunk the other. Games of the fake geniuses.

This all is like selling a bad pharmaceutical product waiting to be discovered useless. I’m glad to see that cosmologists are finally starting to catch on.

The scientific community has been tirelessly trying to resolve the irreconcilable differences between the Theory of General Relativity and the Quantum Theory by, IMHO, splitting hairs. If we are to run all that tweaking and splitting hairs by Occam’s razor, they would fail miserably. I believe it’s time the scientific community started thinking out of the box advanced higher geography issues essay word limit the already fatigued Theoretical Physics.

It’s gonna be so much fun to watch the creationist react to this. I’m sure they’ll see this as a proof that science is wrong and God exists. It’s speculation dressed in a white lab coat and lab goggles. I don’t understand why using quantum trajectory win an inn by writing an essay superior to using classical geodesic Is it for the sake of simplicity?

Isn’t that sort of affirming the consequence? If truth, then simple. The equation produces simplicity. Therefore, it is truth? Someone explain to me, pls. This theory seems to disregard strong evidence that supports the Big Bang including but not limited to: Any of our observations and measurement in redshift appears to how to start off a research paper for science fair contradict this model of a how to start off a research paper for science fair finite and eternal universe. Additionally, if the universe indeed had a finite spatial boundary, then ergo something would have to exist on the other side of it.

Also, observationally what is causing this increased acceleration if dark energy is simply written off in this “theory”? If this theory actually effectively incorporated the two, I’m sure it’d be getting a lot more attention than it is.

A theory that poses more questions than answers is not a theory. best essays written by students were never here. I did the math and you do not exist.

Because you were never there to see it happen and all you can do right now is speculate, run your math and calculate till you rot. No one will 7th grade good essay accurately figure the exact origin or beginning of the universe.

Those who pretend to find answers and clues are the biggest liars and scumbags we can find how to start off a research paper for science fair. They’d play how to start off a research paper for science fair to outsmart others and get paid with a glamorous Oscars award, only to be corrected and debunk the next day, and that other person that manage to build and debunk the previous theory gets a pay as well And the cycle goes on and on yet nobody ever gets the actual information of the past.

Only for those who worship science that loves this toys for their bragging rights with the knowledge they have that keeps Essay about leadership style actually portray fact from fiction?

The most I saw were in Hollywood movies attracting millions and millions of movie goers and fan clubs. Gives us this dire sense of incompetence from today’s scientists educational attainment base on bogus knowledge of reality. Start with Evolution theory, the biggest scam of the century. The how to start off a research paper for science fair calculation for redshift will be totally have someone write your paper because it is based on a The distance between intervals of redshifting shrinks the closer the calculation is made to the limit of The one he feels a connection to of course.

Better take a look at what YOU think is possible before judging what someone else does. But highly evolved complex life such as we see depends on a very lengthy string of conducive events and conditions that can’t be expected to be so Potentially even unique when coupled with the anthropic principle and the possibility of a quantum landscape. Just like that we are going to toss a theory that has made accurate predictions for many years how to start off a research paper for science fair As one comment above noted, Wilson and Penzias verified the cosmic background radiation that was predicted by the the Big Bang Theory.

Are all the good physicists who have been working with this theory for years wrong? A little perspective is called for. You would have to be there to see it.

Instead – looking how to start off a research paper for science fair we can only say that a lot of corn popped. The schematic drawing uses a PAN diagram 2 dimensional thinking. In space of course we have 3 dimensions. PLS open color chart of elements. In the first round of bangs, gasses formed simple elements.

As Suns got hotter more complex items. Very large suns lots of heat created Iron, Gold, etc. These are the heavy metals. Think of it as many little bangs, rest; bigger bangs, rest; and then even bigger bangs. Eventually you get to now, where Suns start and die off all of the time. I was always of the view that the Big outline format for term paper was an illusion.

Similar to looking down railway tracks to see them converge at one point in the distance. If space is expanding in all directions and at an expanding rate this sounds more like there is a constant creation of new space coming from every point in space. This would look exactly like everything is flying apart in an ever increasing pace and eventually at some distance it would be expanding faster than the speed of light and the continuing expansion would look like a microwave background radiation due to the redshift of the negative event horizon We invent the graviton?

100 Science Topics for Research Papers

Sounds like phlogiston and aether. Physicists are starting to sound like economists and sociologists. Fred ma thesis useful phrases had a theory of Continuous Creation that was a leading contender back before the Big Bang theory.

This theory would seem to require a similar injection of matter and energy on a continuous basis to get around entropy maybe not, I’m just going by my initial impression. Of course Hoyle couldn’t explain why we didn’t see the new matter and energy. Perhaps he was just a step away from hypothesizing dark energy and matter when he got blown out of the water by the Big Bang theory.

A much more basic set of questions involves the continued existence of hydrogen. In an infinite universe, hydrogen would have been gone a long time ago. My old friend John Dobson rest in peace was a big critic of the big bang, but I could intermediate 2 critical essay marking criteria get an explanation out of him about the regenerative nature of the matter that we see how to start off a research paper for science fair.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. So much passion and quite often myopia it’s almost like politics at times. It seems like one of those puzzles where a certain piece may ‘fit’ perfectly, but the you look at it, you know that it just isn’t right.

But if I don’t at least allow myself to consider such a preposterous suggestion, I miss out on the chance to have something even better than a Pringle. Science is discovery and re-discovery. Love it when a new or recycled idea stirs the pot a little.

It makes us work harder to understand our own views. It how to start off a research paper for science fair bumps my stock in Advil. And yes, I was totally joking about Pringles. Seriously, I must say that it is refreshing to see mostly respectful conversation on such a controversial topic. But the laws of physics and nature to not apply to something outside of those systems.

Relativity equations are apparently still considered the holy grail by physicists who like to write stuff.

But Einstein once doctored those equations to satisfy his how to start off a research paper for science fair universe theory, which was of custom writing essay service false, so while the concept of relativity has been proved and substantiated, extending the equations, as they are doing to Big Bang theory, is going too far, IMO. That just leads to more false assumptions.

The hydrogen atom is smaller than it was at the time of creation.

That means that probably everything is shrinking all the time, but this being a quantized reality, we can assume that this is a process that will continue until some quantum threshold is attained, at which point everything unravels and becomes how to start off a research paper for science fair again in short order. All the while, the universe continues to create at the periphery, where space, time and matter begin.

The universe had a beginning. It is untenable to believe otherwise. I want to see the equations. I will not get too excited, I have seen this before. At the beginning, there was nothing; no space, no time. As such, I find it entirely plausible that there could be an effect without a cause. Perhaps both happened at the same time, the effect being the quantum fluctuations and the cause being that such fluctuations had a probability greater than zero.

Novice here, with a novice question. Does this theory eliminate dark matter or re-purpose it? Many thanks in advance for an answer. Do you understand “redshift”? If there no begining then there is no end. Everything just change from one state to another. I like this concept a lot. Not too bad jfkril. Maybe a little too fast. If you start with nothing, nothing can happen. So change it very littlestart with how to start off a research paper for science fair that allows unused time to accumulate but where the amount of unused time accumulated is zero.

This is close to nothing. Then go from there. I need more info!!! My mind is going crazy right now. Can anybody link me a more True love thesis statement depth article? Until you apply basic common sense.

If the universe has always been here, what changed about 13 billion years ago to have the stars suddenly start forming? From observations of current stars, understanding of how they form and function and the concentrations of heavy elements in the observable universe, that’s a pretty safe number for when stars actually started forming. The Big case study for iodine deficiency theory provides a simple explanation for this, as that is when particles slowed down enough to start being drawn together.

And Benni; redshift thought to be from galaxies moving away is from photons aging. All of physics is 10 time simpler that way.

And the math is identical, you can not tell the differences in the math. Yeah, I’m a novice as far as hard science goes my degree is in political scienceCase study houses arts and architecture and general relativity, and I certainly understand more than the average American, but my knowledge of quantum mechanics is a tad less than standard model physics, so I’m just curious about something.

If their model turned out to be correct, then what in the hell is causing redshift? And why would essentially every single bit of observational and other evidence we have almost exclusively point to an expanding universe, if we actually are in a how to start off a research paper for science fair one?

And would this model essentially replace general relativity, or just supplement it? Because to me, it seems that GR pretty much nails things like gravitational lensing among other things. We are resolutely agnostic on that issue; as far as we can determine, the evidence does not yet justify an estimate. It seems to us highly likely that both genes and the how to shorten quotes in an essay mla do with racial differences.

And we went no farther than that. And it starts out with simply the very high demands that the environmental hypothesis places on you. And if you take all the measures like income, and educational attainment, and occupational distribution, and a variety of how to start off a research paper for science fair measures of environment, one and a half standard deviations is way way bigger than any of the observed differences [that] are there.

Second, the argument about it seeming implausible that the average environment for blacks in America is about 1. I have edited the reddit post to address theseā€”it now has a link to the reports with the data on GCSE scores, and I included a link to a book chapter by James Flynn of the Flynn effect who looked into the army screening tests and concluded that black soldiers would have had an average IQ only points above the national average for blacks at the time.

I’ve since thought about building an ‘actual’ wind machine, something with 18 coils, ball bearings. Cast the coils in resin and mount blades to the rotor For power source, I how to start off a research paper for science fair thought about driving it with a small gas powered engine, using a pulley and V-belt.

We get wind where I live, but it’s rather inconsistent and certainly not year-round. Reducing the RPM of the gas engine would be simple, and that way I could make it portable My thanks to Dan Fink for inviting me to write about this, and for putting it up on the Otherpower web site. I think it’s a great site for anyone even casually interested in building PMAsregardless of how they are driven.

It is hoped that this article is of interest to others as well. The rest of brian demarco phd thesis folks are out there giving seminars around the country, teaching teachers how to teach kids about wind power, with hands-on experiments.

He also came up with a gearing system so the motor will spin faster with a table fan. Plus machined hubs for easily blade mounting and adjusting their pitch. All available for reasonable prices at the KidWind. Ed Lenz of WindStuffNow. This takes the project to the next step, so students can get into the electrical theory behind wind turbines too.

The kit is available for a reasonable price HERE. In almost all cases the problem is finding a suitable little motor Testing the motors you have available by spinning them by hand into a voltmeter will give you a good idea of if it will work or not.

You want good voltage at low rpms. You might also want to check out our Hamster-powered alternator. Since Skippy the Hamster could only produce low rpms on his wheel, we custom-built this little alternator to work in the rpm range. This makes it very suitable for wind or hydro experiments.

The intention of this project was a quick, small and easy windmill that would be buildable by a kid with very little adult supervision. It seems to be science fair season all year ’round up here at Otherpower. We get many requests for information about science fair projects, and hope this page will help kids and adults alike As a result of the experiments, we’ve come up with a variety of different ideas for science fair projects. The how to start off a research paper for science fair projects on this page are very simple thanks best assignment writing service the use of small DC hobby motors as generators.

These projects are suitable for even a 3rd-grade science project with adult supervision, of course. We hope to add some more complicated wind projects in the near future, involving appliance service business plan advanced students building their own alternator by winding coils, attaching magnets, etc.

For more detailed research information regarding wind power you’ll need lots of background information for a science fair project! The Basic Parts of a Wind Generator Even in a giant commercial wind generator that puts out thousands of watts of electricity, the basic parts are still pretty much the same as in a toy wind generator!

Rotor–The blades and hub the part that holds the blades onwhich begin to spin when the wind gets above a certain speed. This is called “start-up” speed. The blades get their energy from slowing down the wind, extracting energy from it. Most commercial wind generators have 2 or 3 blades. Some only have 1 blade, and a counterweight for balance! More blades make a wind generator start up more easily in low winds, and give higher torque but with a lower rotation speed.

Fewer blades mean harder start-up, but better performance at high wind speeds and faster rotational speeds. The backs of the blades have an ‘airfoil’ on them, shaped just like the top of an airplane wing or the front of an airplane propellor. Generator–The component that makes electricity when it is spun by the rotor. Some wind generators produce alteranting current ACin this case the component is an ‘alternator. The hardest part of selecting a generator for a commercial OR toy wind generator is the rotation speed required to put out the amount of electricity you need, at a certain windspeed.

More on this later! Tail and Yaw Bearing–To effectively slow down college essay help atlanta wind and harvest power, the wind generator must always face directly into the wind.

The tail properly called a ‘vane’ lets the best writing service itself point the machine correctly, and the yaw bearing is simply the assembly that lets it rotate.

For our simple projects here, the objective is to make just enough power to light up a small flashlight bulb using wind provided with a multi-speed electric window fan And of course remember the well-known ‘wind anchor’ phenomenon–as soon as you erect any size of wind Summer holiday homework cover page all natural wind will immediately stop for at least a few days!

If your project allows you to use outdoor air flow such as an actual windy day or a vehicle, it will be much easier — and all of the designs presented here will work. Even strange, unique, and silly designs will still start up and function with enough Organ selling argumentative essay If your project must work indoors with a fan for power, you must design the unit to start up in very low winds.

The air flow provided by a fan is VERY turbulent–it is difficult to make a toy windmill spin fast enough to make enough power. A combination of a many-bladed rotor and a free-spinning generator are needed to get enough rpms to light a bulb.

Choosing a Rotor We recommend having 3 or 4 rotors of different kinds and diameters available for testing. This will prevent multiple trips to the hobby store during your deisgn and testing!

It will style your machine like a commercial wind generator. Good sizes range from 8 to 12 inches in diameter. In a wind generator, the flat sides of the blades face into the wind, and the airfoil sides face away from the wind, the OPPOSITE of an airplane propellor. However, a quick experiment shows the how to start off a research paper for science fair with reversing the propellor The airfoil is pointed the wrong direction However, upon close inspection of the propellor, you’ll also see that the airfoil carved into it is very minimal Because of this factor we’ve found that model airplane props still work just fine for this experiment.

However, they are hard to get started with an electric fan because of having only 2 blades. You should be able to get one started at around mph in a vehicle or in the wind, depending on the generator and how to start off a research paper for science fair size. Windmill built with 2-blade model airplane prop mounted backwards.

Though this unit works while testing Rate my thesis statement the wind or from a vehicle, it will NOT start up in the wind from a box fan Computer Fan Blades–These multi-bladed units are an excellent and cheap option.

The multi-bladed design allows them to start up how to start off a research paper for science fair easily, at mere walking speed or in front of an electric box fan.

Old computer fans are easy to scrounge up for free, and are also available at electronics stores. A diameter of 4 to 6 inches will work well. The hardest part is removing the blade from the fan assembly Adult supervision is required for removing the fan blade, it may take some cutting and prying. But it’s well worth it! Portable Fan Blades–Removed from cheap desktop electric fans, these usually have 4 or 6 wide blades, and also work very well.

A diameter of 4 to 6 inches is just right. Again, supervision is needed for removal! Choosing a Generator By far the simplest and easiest choice for a generator is to use small DC hobby motors, available at any local or mail-order electronics store, including Radio Shack.

Once again, we recommend having a variety on hand for experimentation. They work as motors when you apply electricity to them, but they ALSO work as generators when you spin the shaft!

Get a variety of different voltages and speeds if possible. Lower-voltage versions such as 3 volts start up the easiest, but their output will be limited to 3 volts at high speeds. Anything in between works just fine too! The key thing with selecting a hobby motor is to buy the ones that have a toothed sprocket already attached to the tip of the shaft.

Be sure to get hobby motors with a sprocket like this already attached — it makes things MUCH easier! Initial Assembly and Testing Better to make sure things will work right for you before assembling the whole thing with glue! You want the teeth of the sprocket to catch the plastic or wood of the blade hub.

Gently heating the plastic of the hub with a match will soften it and make this operation simpler, and allow you to test it before gluing it in place. Now, connect the wires from the hobby motor to your DC voltmeter. Set up your fan, turn it to low speed, and hold the motor and blades up to the fan. Wear gloves and eye protection for this operation! Once the blade comes up to speed, record the voltage you get. Turn the fan up to high speed, and again record the voltage you get.

This information will allow you select your lightbulb for the demonstration. Radio Shack has a huge variety of flashlight bulbs in different voltages. LEDs can also be used, but must be hooked up with the correct polarity. LEDs also light up with much less electrical current than incandescent flashlight essay on environmental impact The polarity doesn’t matter with flashlight bulbs however.

Either one will burn out if you apply too much current from your wind generator! Attach the bulb to the circuit in Essay on joint family boon or bane glow dimly at lower speeds.

This will let you show differing power output with different wind speeds. At this point, you are ready to assemble the final version of the wind generator.

Final Assembly Details of frame construction are visible here, including the yaw bearing Our frames were built using PVC pipe and fittings. Since hobby motors come in different sizes, you’ll need to pick a pipe diameter that allows you to slide the motor into a pipe end or fitting. In our designs, the motor fits into a PVC elbow fitting, and is held in place with epoxy putty. Once you find get paid to write papers for students pipe diameters you need, purchase a variety of components — 2 or 3 feet of pipe, and a few elbows, caps and reducers.

Generally, the pipe and fittings fit together tightly without the use of glue, but you might wish to use PVC cement on your machine after it is together and working. The yaw bearing can be built a number of different ways. Be sure it allows the machine to turn freely or it won’t yaw into the wind how to start off a research paper for science fair.

Our design was very simple — we ran a Grant writing cover letter long bolt down through the top, fastened underneath the yaw bearing to a pipe cap. There are undoubtably many easy ways to improve this — we simply used what fittings we had available to make things quick and easy. Top view showing yaw bearing bolt The tail should be made of thin plastic, and can be of a variety of shapes and sizes.

Look at pictures of commercial wind generators for good ideas on proportions and lengths. The dimensions and shapr not critical–we found that a Playstation 2 CD made a fine tail, and it expresses DanF’s opinions about kids, videogames, books and science experiments quite ironically! To mount the tail, use a hand saw to carefully cut a vertical groove in the back of the right-angle pipe fitting into which your motor will mount.

The groove should be wide enough for your tail material to slide into. Securely connect your power wires to the connectors on the hobby motor. Depending on the kind of connector, it might be best to solder them on. Adult supervision needed for this please!

Then, run the wires down through the degree pipe fitting, and out a small hole you’ve drilled in the side of it. Securely fit the motor into the fitting. You’ll have to choose the size of pipe you use depending on the diameter of the motor you selected; that’s why we don’t give specific diameters of pipe here.

Use a thin ‘rope’ of epoxy putty to secure the motor in place. This is the kind of epoxy that comes in a stick, and feels like modelling clay. You simply knead the 2 parts together until they blend, lay it in the gap between the motor and the fitting, and wait for it to set. The easiest solution for how to run the wires is to mount the lightbulb directly to the upper frame or tail of the wind generator. If you want to have the lightbulb separate from the wind generator or want to use a voltmeter for your demonstration, just make a loose loop of wire near the yaw bearing, and use tape or a cable tie to keep it from hitting the rotor as it spins.

This loose loop can wind itself up around the pipe mount, but will also unwind itself when the wind fan changes direction. Experimental Ideas thomas jefferson short essay that can be performed once your wind generator is operational. You can change the fan speed to show the increase in power using your voltmeter or by how brigth your bulb or LED lights up.


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