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Topline Toilets were made for great events

As prolific event goers we have visited our fair share of events over the years. Many of them were fantastic, but quite often it was the same thing that let them down. The toilets (usually portaloos)! When it was time to go, we were faced with the unpleasant prospect of visiting a smelly, cramped, unhygienic toilets. We thought there had to be something a whole lot better. But when we looked around, we couldn’t find anything that met the standards these great events deserved – so we went one step further and designed our own.

Needless to say each Topline Toilet Trailer is custom built to an exceptional standard and jam packed with a list of features that we believe make them the very best anywhere in New Zealand.

If you have a great event and want to make it even better, give us a callleave us a message or email us, and we will be happy to help you out.